Measuring Guide

We know you’ll fall in love with one of our beautiful bbqskins, however, we recommend you work out how big your barbecue is before your set your heart on a design.

You will need to measure your barbecue’s length:

Step 1: Stand in front of your barbecue (as if you’re about to fire it up).

Step 2: Measure its length (from left edge to right edge), including the side tables, (M1). This will determine which size (extra small, small, medium or large) will fit best.

ALL of our bbqskins have a standard height/drop of 1100mm (shown as M3 below). Because barbecues come in so many different shapes and sizes, your bbqskin might sit flush with the ground, or it might show off your barbecue’s wheels or legs!

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There are four sizes available for the barbecue with a hood:
Xtra small:
1350 mm long (M1) x 620mm wide (M2) e.g. 2-3 burner

Small: 1500 mm long (M1) x 640mm wide (M2) e.g. 3-4 burner
Medium: 1650 mm long (M1) x 660mm wide (M2) e.g. 4-5 burner
Large: 1800 mm long (M1) x 680mm wide (M2) e.g 5-6 burner

We sew Velcro straps into each side panel (M2) but if you live in a very high wind zone please request an extra strap to go under your barbecue.